Player Of The Year

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Player Of The Year

The Professional Footballers' Association have announced the nominees for their Player's Player of the Year award and we are pleased to see that London has just about cleaned up.

The only contender from north of Watford Gap is Stevie Gerrard, who is probably fretting right now about how he's going to make his next own goal against Chelsea look like an accident, whilst at the same time wondering how that blue shirt is going to match his complexion next season.

The other contenders for the gong are Frank Lampard, John Terry, Petr Cech, Andrew Johnson and Thierry Henry, who's going for his hat-trick. Not only that, but there also two Londoners, Arjen Robben and little Jermain Defoe, amongst the nominees for Young Player of the Year. Carruthers! Ambassador, truly you spoil us with this array of footballing talent that can be found in our capital city!

Personally, I'm amazed that they haven't found room for either Gabor Kiraly (king of tracksuit bottoms) or Joseph Cole (the future of football), but I guess it's all about opinions isn't it?

So then, is there anyone YOU think they've missed out? Who do you think will win? And who's been the pride and joy this season at your own club? Comments and emails please.

Last Updated 14 April 2005


With all due respect, Joe Cole is crap. Hasn't played nearly well enough to command the adulation you seem to enjoy slathering on him. Might as well nominate Alan Smith while you're at it. I'm a Reds fan myself, but Gerrard's inconsistency/problematic own-goal scoring this season takes him out of the running in my opinion as well. Sigh. Henry it may very well be.


I'm a gooner, but Arjen Robben should have been in the full category. He's easily been Chelsea's best player all season: Petr Cech is looking good because of the defence in front of him (cf: Holland v Czech republic, euro 2004), and the other two are fair players, but not in Robben's league.

If Thierry wins again, does he get to keep it?


It's gonna be a Chelsea player, period. And I think that Lampard might just edge Terry, perhaps unfairly. If Robben had played a full season, he would have been in there, but his recent injuries have helped us forget just how darned good he is.

Robert John Kaper

As PSV supporter I think I'm biased towards Robben, but Lampard was impressive as well last season.