Pete Doherty Ready For Another Scrap

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Pete Doherty Ready For Another Scrap

It's a struggle but Londonist must occasionally provide the odd Pete Doherty story...

Model-mating tabloid-baiting Pete Doherty is reported by the NME to be confirmed for the Love Music Hate Racism gig this Sunday (1st May). According to, he's playing an acoustic set sometime between 4pm and 7pm.

Ignoring the shallow image the inkies like to portray, Pete Doherty is actually capable of coherent and intelligent thought at times. As he says on the Love Music Hate Racism website:

I don't think you have to be a particularly developed human being intellectually or spiritually to despise racism. It may be easy to be complacent, but we need to encourage people to fight racism whether with words or actions. Count me in.

Some R'n'B star called Estelle will also be on the bill along with a host of other musicians. On top of the music everyone's favourite political uncle figure Tony Benn will be speaking, as will Mayor Ken.

The event is urging against voter apathy in the forthcoming election and asking voters to ensure the fascist BNP doesn't get a clear run in any of the constituencies it's standing in.

It takes place from 1pm-7pm in Trafalgar Square, although those wishing to join in the May Day March should assemble at Clerkenwell Green at 12pm, which is expected to reach Trafalgar Square at around 2.15pm.

Last Updated 28 April 2005