Mid Week Music News

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Mid Week Music News
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It's been a week when the new combined download/sales singles chart proved that people download as much crap as they buy at their local Woolworths, the White Stripes have gone all Deep Purple on helium, Thom Yorke previewed some new material on a march as well as writing the greatest album of all time (so it wasn't Poison's Look What The Cat Dragged in then) and Coldplay premiered their new single on XFM. It's like Clocks but slower. You can also get that all important Speed Of Sound ringtone although we really want to know what the hell a rucingular Cingular phone is.

Of course if neither The Stripes or the 'Play (as they're known to absolutely no-one) is your musical Earl Grey, then maybe the Foo Fighters are and you can catch new single Best Of You, also on XFM, from today.

And finally it's been announced just about everywhere (that's more than enough scoops for XFM this week) that Carl and Pete from the Babytines met up for a drink like two old mates. Whatever next??? Londonist predicts that this will never last. Pete will become addicted to appearing on Parkinson and be arrested breaking into Yeti's tourbus to leave bootlegged copies of the show. Carl will spend the next fifty years finishing his solo album, which he will finally complete in a rave near Colchester, and in 95 years time the New Downloadable Express will declare this meeting to be the coolest rock moment of the century.

Well with all that excitement looks like a couple of good nights out are in order.


Now Londonist has always had a sneaky love all things LOUD and so we couldn't not mention the return of Kerrang!s Club Rampage. Set your diary dates to 7th May, your homing beacons to the Scala, and your blasters to stun for the chance to win tickets to a sneak preview of Revenge Of The Sith, as well as a host of other Star Wars goodies. Oh and there'll also be live sets from 4 K! rated Surrey rockers Days Of Worth, Kerrang! award nominees ThisGIRL and decadent misfits The Ga Ga's as well as DJ sets from ex Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace (so that's what he's been up to), Fozzy and Kerrang! editor Ashley Bird - which we think has to be the best name ever for the editor of a Heavy Metal mag.


On the other hand if you like your guitars loud, but then also really quiet again, get ready to worship the gods of shoegazing as the Sonic Cathedral opens its doors for worship for the third time. Party like it's 1991 to classic shoegazing sounds from the Velvets to the Valentines to Ulrich Schnauss - plus an electrifying live appearance by Amusement Parks On Fire, an acoustic set by former Ride singer/guitarist Mark Gardener & Goldrush and surprise guest DJs. & till 12 Thursday April 28 at the The Legion, 348 Old Street.

Also worth mentioning that Camden Crawl faves The Towers Of London will be playing a show at the Garage on the 24th May as part of NME's Rizla sponsored New Music Tour. Basically they're '88 era Guns 'n' Roses: loud, crass, obnoxious and utterly entertaining if you appreciate the majesty of such blatant silliness.

This post was written under the influence of The Replacement's Let It Be.

Last Updated 20 April 2005