If the Glass Slipper Fits...

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If the Glass Slipper Fits...

An update on yesterday's post about the mystery girl depcited in Lucian Freud's most recent work entitled, The Painter Surprised by a Naked Admirer, it seems we may have a winner.

The Times reported today that is seems the young girl may be a 32-year-old art friend of Freud's named Alexandra. It appears that her father, Sir David Williams-Wynn (who everyone is quick to point out is ancestor to Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn was one of Wales’s most prominent and genroush patrons of the arts), opened the paper yesterday to see his daughter clinging to Freud's leg.

Any chance of a romantic link? According to Sir Williams-Wynn,

“As far as I know she is a model-cum-gopher. I don’t know what the nature of their relationship is. As far as I am concerned, she is (over) 30 and it is none of my business.”

Well put Dad.

Neither Alexandra nor Freud have confirmed the speculations and in fact, Ms. Williams-Wynn is only one of three candidates.

To read up more on the other two possibilities read this article published yesterday by The Times and decide for yourself. Londonist is placing bets on Alexandra due to convincing reports that the jawline of the nude woman in the painting and hers seem to match so well (in addition, there is a certain something about her name).

Last Updated 14 April 2005