If it isn't Thursday anymore, it must be Friday

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If it isn't Thursday anymore, it must be Friday

These four-day (working) weeks are great but they do wreak havoc with the body clock. Still, we'd rather Friday crept up on us too quickly than too slowly. So, it's the weekend and you forgot to arrange anything to do. That's ok, we're here to help.

Your first choice for Saturday is between Rock'n'Roll Soul at The Albany or FROG. Depends on whether you want a straightforward funky boogie night out or want to see a band, really.

Rock'n'Roll Soul at The Albany (opposite Great Portland Street tube) tomorrow night is "six solid hours of soul that rocks and rock with soul." Of course, there's the resident DJs Gary, Nat, Al and Jimmy but all that testosterone will be balanced out by special guest DJ Miss Emma Sunley and her all-singin', all-dancin' (and all-female) thriftstore soul selection. Doors are 8.30pm to 2.30am, and entry is a fiver (or a quid less if you possess a flyer or you're a tax-dodging NUS member).

Your more 'giggy' option is FROG. FROG gets plenty of mentions here and we're frankly getting a little embarrassed about mentioning them so much but having listed Freddie-Krueger-look-a-like-on-keyboards (just look at the picture and tell us we're wrong) The Delays as one of our acts of last year, we had to mention that they would be playing there tomorrow night. Regular readers will know the score with FROG now (no pre-sales tickets, you have to queue up on the night). Newer readers should check out the FROG website for further details because we don't like repeating ourselves. Seriously, we don't, so please check out the FROG website because we really dislike repeating ourselves.

On Sunday you will obviously be recovering, and trying (most probably in vain) to get your Glastonbury tickets (thanks to Pollo for the reminder).

Last Updated 01 April 2005