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F is for Blog

Speaking, as we were, of billboards and advertising*, we'd be interested to hear what Londonist readers think of the Dove ads that seem to be up everywhere at the moment. On one building near London Bridge they share space with an ad for the Lib Dems that has forever twinned (in our minds at least) Charles Kennedy's campaign for a real alternative with curvy women hanging around in their underwear. While trying to figure out if these ads are a breath of fresh air, (showing as they do 'real women' instead of airbrushed stick insects) or just a clever marketing tool we turned elsewhere:

The F Word is a well established webzine that focuses on modern feminism - in fact it was the first in the UK. Its founder, Katherine Redfern, was picked by The Guardian as one of the women expected to make a serious impact on their professions, and the country, over the next decade, and also co-founded Third Wave, a feminist group for young women in London.

Redfern and her fellow contributors are now running the newly launched F Word Blog. It's still in its infancy, but Londonist wishes it every success as we'll be keeping a close eye on it so we can steal links.

Interested Londoners can also sign up to the Third Wave right here.

*UPDATE: Reebok has withdrawn its guns are fun ad campaign which we covered here.

Last Updated 18 April 2005