Chelsea Vs Liverpool

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Chelsea Vs Liverpool

London football is flying. Chelsea are going to win the Premiership and Arsenal are going to win the FA Cup (which will act as the catalyst for Emperor Ferg to lose his job). John Terry has just been voted PFA Player of the Year and there were seven (count 'em) players from London clubs in the PFA's team of the season. To top it off, for the very first time a London club has a real chance of reaching a European Cup Final.

We should all be very proud little Londoners, should we not? Well...we aint. Because London is a very big place, and when it come to our football tribes, we all hate each other very much. I was asking around for thoughts on Chelsea's impending triumph and got the following quote back...

As a non-Chelsea fan, I hate Chelsea. Not as much as I hate Moan Utd, but more than I hate Arsenal (who I should hate more, being married to a Tottenham (who I hate) fan). I don't much mind Charlton (in a Norwich sort of way), but I don't much mind Palace either - although I hated them when they were in the second division. Oh, and I hate Fulham too.

Can't argue with that can you?

So it's doubtful that the whole of London is rooting for dem Blues tonight , indeed, except for their supporters and those neutrals with a José Mourinho fixation, everyone in the country seems to be hoping for Chelsea to come unstuck against the plucky Scouse underdogs.

But that's not going to happen is it? Chelsea are too strong, too composed, massive squad, Arjen Robben, immaculate stubble growth, Steve Clarke's rubbish hairdo, record-breaking shirt deal with Samsung, Eidur dropping deep, Joe Cole's sweatband, American Express adverts, Kenyon's leering satanic sweaty gaze, Terry hitting the long ball to Didier, blah blah BLAH etc etc etc.....

But hey, as they say, it's a 'funny old game' and I can't shake the niggling feeling that Liverpool are going to pull off something pretty special in this tie. Probably wrong though. Come on the Blues.

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