"Beast" Foxes Eltham

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"Beast" Foxes Eltham

Has the Beast of Sydenham struck again? Yes, according to a slightly breathless local newspaper - this time in Eltham.

Laura Downes, 47, of Westmount Road, Eltham, discovered a dead fox in her back garden and thought there was nothing sinister involved.

But when she looked out an hour later nothing was left except clumps of fur, scattered around the garden.

The following day, the body of another dead fox appeared in her back garden, this time with its head missing and its body covered with maggots.

Wow, just like Resident Evil. Two dead foxes in two days; it's either the Beast or the Countryside Alliance. After all, they both have such a charming and subtle approach.

Downes, meanwhile, is said to "fear for her pets", as well she might. But perhaps there is a darker undercurrent to this story.

Think about it - there are two alleged "big cat" incidents in south London - the second occurring in the same week that rail commuters travelling through the southern suburbs are advised to be on the look-out for wildlife.

Coincidence? Or does the government know something we don't?

Last Updated 21 April 2005