Art Doesn't Get Any More Affordable Than This

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Art Doesn't Get Any More Affordable Than This

Another installment in Tomoko Takahashi’s projects at the Serpentine, this weekend on Sunday get to the Gallery starting at 10:00 am and walk away with a piece of her installation (created uniquely for the space). Whether this is an attempt to help the public become more in touch with art or just help the Serpentine Staff clear the space quickly we aren't sure, but we will be there either way.(For more information on her other projects at the Serpentine see this post done earlier this week about her game of tag in Hyde Park.)An art friend of ours informed us that something similar was done by Yoko Ono last year in her ICA installation that was off-site in Shoreditch.

Regardless of similarities (or lack thereof), you may recall that Takahashi was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 2000 and is known for installations such as the one currently on at the Serpentine. Her current installation was slammed by The Guardian but, sometimes life just has to be fun and that is what Takahashi’s installation is – pure, childhood fun.

Be sure to get there on time on Sunday as we are sure that there will be a queue (although there is quite a bit to take away so maybe just drop by sometime after a late breakfast.)

Last Updated 06 April 2005