Are you ready for the Wedding of the Year?

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Are you ready for the Wedding of the Year?

13 million people will be tuning for the Wedding of the Year. It's had its ups and downs. Strange relatives throwing a strop. Doubts about whether it should go ahead at all. A first wedding in 1981 which is still fondly in the hearts of the nation. But with all the problems and news items which could overshadow this grand event, it's great to see that our favourite brainiac and his fair haired fiance will be tying the knot at last.

Yep Ken and Deirdre will be marrying for the second time tonight on Coronation Street. Coincidentally it's the day before two other people you may have heard of get married.

Ken and Deirdre finally tie the knot

It's not the only strange co-incidence though. Ken and Deirdre got married in 1981 two days before Charles and Di. Ken proposes to Deirdre on Valentine's Day 2004. Charles and Camilla announce their wedding plans the day after. Ken and Deirdre get married tonight. Charles & Camilla were supposed to have married today, but as we know the ceremony was moved back a day due to Pope's funeral.

Coronation Street bosses have now edited out two references to the royal wedding in the Weatherfield couple's nuptials.

Apparently only nine million people in the UK will be tuning in to the Royal Wedding down sarf.

Catch the wedding of the year tonight on ITV1 at 7.30pm, followed by a half-hour show at 8.30pm which documents their relationship.

Last Updated 08 April 2005