The Tower Bridge Beat

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The Tower Bridge Beat

Tower Bridge would have to rate as one of London's most famous landmarks, we know this because it inevitably features in the clip montages contained in American movies to inform the audience that the hero is now in London, and if a red double decker bus is going over it at the time then that's even better.

Somewhere in one of these shots, just before they cut to the Queen hailing a Black Cab in Piccadilly circus, you might actually be able to pick out PC Richie Fullbrook patrolling his small yet picturesque beat.

PC Fullbrook has being looking after Tower Bridge for the last two years and has made a staggering 556 arrests using his common sense method for sniffing out criminals, "You just watch them. You look for things. Something that just does not look right."

Like cars trying to run him over, which has happened at least 5 times, yet Britain's most successful policeman remains philosophical about it. "I have been clipped by vehicles but no more than other officers. You go to stop them and as you go to get them out of the car they drive off or just drive at me. Nothing major but you have got to be realistic.”

Realistically, this probably means that Londonist's clichéd life long ambition of jumping a car over the rising bridge sections is on hold for awhile.

Last Updated 01 March 2005