Sweet Sweet Shop

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Sweet Sweet Shop

A sweetshop in Dulwich is giving out 'ration books' to kids so their parents can keep an eye on how much sugary stuff they're eating...

...It sould become a "valuable tool in the battle against childhood obesity" apparently.

Blah blah blah.

Ok, now forget all that and go and take a look at the photo next to the story. Look at those jars full of sweets! This place looks like sweet nirvana! How come no one ever told us about it? We even missed this Guardian article from last month.

There are absolutely no traditional sweet shops anywhere near where we live. We know all about the online versions, but we want the real thing.

Apparently the Hope and Greenwood shop in Dulwich sells "sherbert lemons, sherbet pips, acid drops, and sweet tobacco". Time for a Londonist Loves... trip to Dulwich we think.

Have you been? Was it as good as it looks? Know any other good sweet shops? Let us know.

Last Updated 08 March 2005


There is (or at least was, when I were a nipper) a lovely old sweetshop on Dawes Rd in Fulham run by your stereotypical elderly lady with her sitting-room at the back of her shop, surrounded by vast jars of the additive-filled delights and petroleum by-products that masqueraded as sweets in the seventies and eighties.
I always felt guilty about asking her for sweets on the top shelves. She had use a step-ladder to get her humbugs out, y'know...


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sum1 ovr the rainbow

hope n greenwood is da best sweet shop in da whole world!!! i go evry wkend (wiv my ration bk) n scoff myself wiv yummy old fashioned sweets! go there or else!!!