People's Question Time

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People's Question Time
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Tonight is the night that Mayor Ken faces his public over at Goldsmith's College.

People's Question Time is a twice-a-year event where Londoners are given the chance to quiz the Mayor and the rest of the London Assembly on the 'Big Issues Of The Day'.

There are some set 'themes' for tonight's question time, and they are policing and safety, transport, and the environment. But, as always with these kind of things, there will be "an opportunity at the end to raise other issues not already discussed."...and I think we can all guess what they might be.

It's probably a bit late now to order tickets and submit questions but if you just want to pop along and see what happens (you never know, it might kick off) then there should be tickets available on the door.

Or, if it's just too cold for you, then there's always the webcast.

Last Updated 01 March 2005