Peckham To Get "London's Most Amazing Loo"

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Peckham To Get "London's Most Amazing Loo"

Will Alsop made his mark in London with the prize-winning Peckham library, a nicely style bit of architecture in an area that sorely needed it. Now, according to Building Design magazine (registration required, but it's free), he is set to return to south London with an arts centre across the way from the library.

But the big story here is the toilet facilities. Seriously - that's the scheme's unique selling point.Part of the project's brief was to provide a public lavatory, and Alsop has designed this to be "iconic and strange". This, friend, is a loo with a view.

"We felt that it should have a view and the view should be up," Alsop told Building Design. "I like the fact that Peckham is on the main flightpath to Heathrow so if you're lucky, you might see a plane go by."

Last Updated 04 March 2005