New Royal London Hospital

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New Royal London Hospital

According to the GLA website the plans for the redevelopment of the Royal London Hospital have finally been...erm, finalised.

Ken wasn't happy with the original plans because they made it "difficult for people to find their way around" and were just too damn fugly for Ken's tastes.

To be honest Londonist has never been in an attractive looking, easy-to-navigate hospital in our lives, but maybe that's all about to change. The plans for the new Royal London buildings include:

- Greater variety in design including varying the height of the two towers to "break up the visual impact of the buildings and make the development look less imposing".

- The demolition of the current East Wing which, in conjunction with the realignment of entrances along the north side, to "dramatically improve the ease of navigating around".

- Improved accessibility.

- More visible entrances and greater security.

- Improvements to ‘The London Square’ which will "be roughly the same size as the forecourt of the British Museum".

To do this they're going to have to demolish 21 of the existing buildings and put up five new buildings in their place with a total proposed floor area of 225,229 square metres, including the two towers which will be 97 and 101 metres tall.

You can see more artists' imressions of the plans here.

Last Updated 29 March 2005