Mysterious Yellow Balls Spotted On Thames

By london_will Last edited 169 months ago
Mysterious Yellow Balls Spotted On Thames

Working in an office block overlooking the Thames and the City beyond - as this Londonist contributor is occasionally lucky enough to do - one occasionally sees some odd things. But this, spotted today at about 3pm, really takes the digestive biscuit.


The launches were observed from both sides and have no writing or identification marks on them.

The black-and-white ship "leading" the flotilla might be a police barge. But it was certainly involved.

Here's a closeup.


Normally, the only balls one would see on the Thames compose of drunken Sloanes on one of those horrible party-boats. This is obviously different. It reminded me more of Claes Oldenurg's 1967 proposal for a monumental ballcock in the Thames.

Oh look, an uninvolved but colour-coded barge. How pretty.


(Thanks to Richard K for the photos.)

So, guys, any ideas? Business promotion? Protest? Obscure ritual event? Scientific study? Dastardly Al-Qaeda plot of some sort? You decide.

Last Updated 14 March 2005