London Eye Candy

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London Eye Candy

We want! We want! We want!

London is often at its prettiest under snow - that way you can't see the grime, BNP stickers and occasional axe wound. But now we don't need to freeze to see London as it should be thanks to Eboy!

And by London as it should be we mean of course skinny dippers in the crystal blue Thames, Tower Bridge menaced in a cute way by giant squid and little cloaked demons flying around the candy coloured London Eye.

Alas it's only a poster... but WHAT a poster!

You can buy a copy via Magma who sum up its qualities thus:

"Paul Smith embraces the digital world with a pixel designed image of London. Famous landmarks: Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, 10 Downing Street and the Millennium Wheel sprawl across a scene which highlights iconic double Decker buses, black cabs and red post boxes. The bustling metropolis has a mischievous edge with astronauts, green dinosaurs, cowboys, rock bands and the Eboy team dancing outside the Floral Street shop"

We would have just gone with the line SWIMMING MONKEY!

We found this little beauty via the wonderful website of Suzanne who we recently introduced to the delights of the Crobar on Manette Street. She of course drank us under the table.

Last Updated 17 March 2005