IOC You Baby, Shaking That Arse

By london_will Last edited 166 months ago
IOC You Baby, Shaking That Arse

You might think the Olympic bid is a pile of pants - Londonist doesn't - but the London 2012 campaign has done something we can all get firmly behind. As a press release on the London 2012 site trumpets, they are putting the "back" into "Back the Bid" by advertising on runner Jade Johnson's rear end.

It's a cunning strategy, since that's the view most of the brilliant Johnson's competitors get of her, which means it is clearly based on Toyota's "The car in front ..." campaign. But will it be applied to male athletes as well? Londonist would suggest a range of sponsored lunchboxes in the name of fairness. Otherwise this idea is just half-arsed. Come on, London 2012 - make Britain proud.

Last Updated 03 March 2005