Crime Ring Smashed

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Crime Ring Smashed

There's nothing like a good heist, but unfortunately there hasn't been anything like a good heist for a while now.

It always seems to just be some opportunist with a blunt instrument doing a snatch and grab while the guard is taking a pee, and now that police have busted a "Specialist Crime Network" in South East London that perfect heist seems even less likely to happen.

The crime ring was responsible for burglaries worth over £30 million, with the high point being when they stole "Valuable miniature paintings from Madresfield Court in Worcestershire, where thieves had rowed across the mansion's moat in a night-time raid".

The owners must have been gutted "But we had a moat, a freaking huge ditch filled with water, nobody can get past a moat, surely?"

Reinforcing stereotypes with a single sale, the thieves then sold their dodgy wares through an auction house in Catford to prearranged buyers, but unbeknownst to them they were being watched by the Met's art and antique unit, as part of Operation Copernicos.

Any of the items recovered will be displayed as part of a stolen antiques roadshow with details available at the Met's specialist art and antiques website.

Last Updated 03 March 2005