Confessions Of A Parking Attendant

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Confessions Of A Parking Attendant

If you're a London Motorist, you're probably a very angry person. It seems that every recent initiative is designed to stop you being able to drive your car where you want, at what speed you want, and heaven forbid you should want to park anywhere and not pay through the nose for it.

What you need is a good hour of quality television programming that will enable you to take your average car driving anger and turn it into a more focused intense colon vibrating kind of rage.

Well you're in luck, because the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary series is broadcasting just that, titled: Confessions Of A Parking Attendant.

Highlights of the show look to include:

- A warden who ticketed a motorist asleep at the wheel instead of moving him on.

- Wardens learning dubious "tricks of the trade" from supervisors.

- Wardens are told to ticket a distraught woman whose car has broken down.

They also go undercover at Capita, the company responsible for administering the congestion charge, and make the shocking discovery that their computers crash frequently.

Confessions Of A Parking Attendant is on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm.

Afterwards we suggest a little lie down in a dark room.

Last Updated 03 March 2005