Why France Sucks

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Why France Sucks

Oh dear, it's getting desperate already - today's Independent carries an article listing "20 reasons why London is the winner over Paris".

Of course, this is ostensibly an article about that great sporting insitution, and symbol of all that is great and noble in the human spirt: the Olympics...but really it's just an excuse to have a go at the French.

Take, for example, point number 5 on the list:

"Jermyn Street:: Buy the finest shirts known to humanity watched over by the statue of Beau Brummel. After a post-prandial port at your St James's club, naturally.

Err...what? Shirts? Port? We are talking about the same Olympics here aren't we?

Point 8 is 'iconic venues':

"Tony Blair has said that he is especially pleased that beach volleyball is scheduled for Horse Guards Parade, as it is just outside his window in Downing Street."

International atheletes, come to London and get perved over by politicians!

Point eleven is Camden Market! "Rugs, incense burners, and magic mushrooms are on offer for the hippy-minded, while most of the accessories required by the well-dressed Goth are also to be found."

We bet Sebastien Coe is kicking himself for not including that one in his presentation to the committee.

Point number 16 is "Rock Music, we're not even going to bother with that one.

Point number 19 is "The Literati" which isn't even a real thing.

And number 20 is the weather" which is "better than Moscow" apparently. Oh well then...

Last Updated 04 February 2005