Where The Wealthy People Are

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Where The Wealthy People Are

Not sure what to do this weekend but at least know you want to indulge your voyeuristic streak?

Why not go peering into the windows of really rich people's houses?

Assuming of course that you're not really rich yourself, which if you are, why not pop outside look back in and try and get a fresh perspective on your abode. Maybe you want to re-consider that elephant foot umbrella stand?

So the only remaining question is how do we know where they live, and thanks to the latest list of London's Richest Streets care of Mouseprice (one of the myriad of sites borne out of most Londoner’s obsession with house prices) their exact locations can be easily pinpointed.

Unsurprisingly most are in the Kensington and Chelsea area with the top of the list being occupied by Earls Terrace, a charming street just off High St Kensington where "each house has a south-facing garden and half the houses have swimming pools".

The calculations are based on houses sold over a certain period of time, so streets where there have been no recent sales or a high percentage of flat conversions that lower the average price don't factor, which must explain why Londonist's residence doesn't make the grade.

So if you're in the Kensington area, take a photo, we'd love to see it.

Last Updated 25 February 2005