Wardens At War

By london_euan Last edited 167 months ago
Wardens At War

wardens.jpgAccording to the Association of London Government the capitals parking wardens are having a hard time of it lately with at least three being attacked on a daily basis.

This is terrible, do we really think that three a day is enough?

You see what we did there, it's a joke about casual violence against traditional figures of hate, and the implication that we're for it.

Obviously we're not, Londonist has been clamped just the once and frankly, we were playing fast and loose with the parking rules and deserved it, enough time has passed and we can admit that.

We however, are much more mature than the people that have perpetrated attacks on wardens that "have included being run over, shot at and attacked by groups with baseball bats."

Shooting and baseball bats seems a little harsh, start with the "Nnnnnhhhhh" face, maybe a clenched fist, graduating to a pulsating temple at least, before you move to sporting goods and projectile weapons.

Last Updated 02 February 2005