Valentine Tips Part 2

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Valentine Tips Part 2

Yesterday we brought you our tips for presents to buy girls. Today, in the interest of balance, we bring you our tips for Valentine gifts for boys.

To be honest, most men will probably be happy with a bit of special slap and tickle on Valentine's Day, but if your man isn't like that (yeah, right) and you still want to buy a gift, here's a few suggestions.

Susannah Chenevix-Trench makes some lovely stuff. Our top pick are the Sterling Silver Heart Cufflinks (shown above), at £65. They're stylish but not too flash, and practical too!


If you're looking for something a bit more 'fun', and your man has only one set of bedsheets that are extremely crusty, then the Twister Duvet Cover from might be an option, especially as it virtually guarantees bedroom action for (at least) two. You'll win extra brownie points if you include the woman in underwear, assuming your bloke is straight, although she's not included in the price of £29.95.

weekendkit.jpg is another one of those sites that's handy for ideas. Most of their suggested Valentine gifts for men don't seem that Valentine-y but a winner might be the Naughty Weekend Kit (£36.99).

If your bloke is starting to look a bit loose around the midriff and wheezes when running for the bus, you could always follow The Scotman's advice and get your man a heart scan.

As with everything ordered at this short notice, we advise you to contact the stockists to ensure you or your beau will receive the goods in time.

Disclaimer: We're a pinko liberal non-sexist sort of bunch here at Londonist but obviously there's a certain amount of stereotyping and generalisation in the guides we've brought you, so you may well find a gift we've mentioned above suitable for a girl and likewise with yesterday's suggestions for a boy.

Last Updated 08 February 2005