Unsigned Bands Update

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Unsigned Bands Update

Londonist spent last Friday at Club:Hedonistic (we do actually turn up at some of the events we post about) and had a very enjoyable time, indeed. Those of you who took our advice and also went will have enjoyed Fleeing New York, Hedon and the announced-on-the-day-headliners The Boxer Rebellion. (We're not sure if you would have enjoyed the first band on, The Boyfriends, but only because we arrived too late for their set.) We'll post a fuller review shortly. In the meantime, those of you who were silly and ignored our advice, will be needing a good dose of new music.


The Hoosier Complex are actually a band we've known about for a while now but shamefully haven't written about before, and we're going to put that right now. If you're looking for some respite from the guitar-laden doom merchants currently doing the rounds, then The Hoosier Complex's soulful electro-rock is well worth a try. This Town is one of the songs on their promo CD marking them out as worthy of further attention, and it seems that Claire Sturgess of XFM agrees. This Town will be played on her show tonight, in the XFM Unsigned section between 10pm and 11pm. If you like what you hear, and you should do, then you can go and vote for the band at the XFM unsigned website. Then you can go and see them play live next Tuesday 22nd February, at 93 feet east. The band are on stage at 9pm and tickets are a fiver with a flyer, or £6 on the door. Worth the money, if only to see if the lead man Irwin looks like Ben Stiller, as was mentioned to Londonist when first alerted to the band. The picture to the right makes him look like Gareth Southgate to our eyes, but go see for yourself and make up your own minds.


Another band we've been neglecting to write about, through no fault of their own, is Rotating Leslie. They've just completed an EP called Just A Game and you can listen to it over at the Overplay Charts. Doing so helps you, by giving you something decent and new to listen to, and it helps Rotating Leslie by helping them move up the charts and alerting them to the record companies. We know, a Londonist recommendation should be enough for the A&R people, but you can play your part too. You can also see the band live on 28th February, coincidentally at 93 feet east. Entry is a can't-say-fairer-than-that zero pounds.

Last Updated 15 February 2005