New Labour New Posters

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New Labour New Posters

labourposter.jpgThere's an election coming, and regardless of where your politics may lie, it does at least mean the return of the always entertaining election poster.

Distilling complex political theory down into a single slogan or image may seem way too complex to achieve but luckily marketing people who are much more smarter than us always try to give it a go.

Sometimes it's striking, sometimes it contains clever word play, but so far this election it's just been racist.

First up we had Labour being anti-Semitic with a poster of two flying pigs with Tory Leader Michael Howard and Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin's heads superimposed and as both men are Jewish this caused offence.

Next up it was the Conservatives with a poster outside City and Islington College's sixth-form centre, which has a 65% multi-ethnic student population, which has on one side: "I mean, how hard is it to keep a hospital clean?" and on the other: "It's not racist to impose limits on immigration", and then attached at the bottom what looks like being the big Tory slogan this year: "Are you thinking what we're thinking?"

We're thinking "Someone’s getting fired" but that's probably not what they had in mind.

Last Updated 08 February 2005