Monday Music News

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Monday Music News
Angela & Romeo

Not a huge amount to tell you about this week by way of releases. Not anything we think is worth bringing to your attention, anyway, so we'll concentrate on the live scene.

It seems that news of the tickets still going for the Tsunami Relief Benefit gig at Bush Hall last Saturday travelled fast: the remaining tickets were snapped up within hours. The Magic Numbers headlined, playing a short-ish set which included a bonus encore of their version of The Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. We can't tell you whether it was sacrilege or not because when it comes to The Magic Numbers, we've almost lost our critical faculties: they are such an amazing live band that they could get up and fart on stage (it would smell of perfume), and we'd still leave the gig with a massive smile on our faces. Whatever you've heard through legitimate or otherwise downloads, you really must get to see The Magic Numbers live before you can fully appreciate them. Those of you who are going to see Doves or Athlete on their tours would do very well to get to the gigs early to check out The Magic Numbers' support set.

Londonist spent Friday night at ULU to see Feist. We were particularly interested to note how she would adapt the quieter songs on the Let It Die album to a gig situation. Despite our fears, Feist made a good fist of it, with a surprising amount of rocking out. However, there were several quiet moments during the set and at these times, Feist lost the audience, at which time Londonist heard so much French being spoken we thought we'd accidentally hopped on the Eurostardis to the Paris gig on Thursday. It was a long set on Friday, and a little self-indulgent. We'd have been happier with a tighter 45-minute set, rather than the stretched-out 90 minute one played on Friday.

One of the reasons we'd have been happier with it is because Londonist managed to wangle an invitation to the launch party for Star Wars: Republic Commando held at The Marquee, Leicester Square. Alas, despite rushing there after the Feist gig, we were too late to see Ash play a set which included their version of the Cantina Band. We were even more gutted to have missed the Stormtroopers.

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