Mini Motorbike, Big Fun

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Mini Motorbike, Big Fun


A Mini-Motorcycle gang of youths are terrorising residents of Kew in West London by tearing around quiet suburban streets on little motorbikes at breakneck speeds.

The tiny replica motorbikes weigh around 30kg, are powered by a 2 stroke 50cc motor and can hit speeds of over 40 mph with a price tag of between £300-£400.

They also look like loads of fun.

Originally designed for track racing in the eighties they've been around at motorbike events in the UK since the mid-nineties and have been popular due to their light weight and ease of transport, but they are not however designed for use on the road.

Kew Councilor Jane Arneil believes they're an accident waiting to happen, and she's probably right, but did we mention they look like loads of fun?

Last Updated 10 February 2005