Meet The Met

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Meet The Met

ianblair.jpgThe Metropolitan Police has a new commissioner, we know this not because of his open letter published in 166 publications, but because of the brouhaha surrounding it.

London Assembly conservative spokesman Richard Barnes was not impressed with what he saw as an OK magazine style puff piece of shameless self-promotion for incoming commissioner Sir Ian Blair, bellowing in rage "Londoners will work together with him if he delivers on reducing muggings, burglary and knifings, not on building his personal profile".

The advertisements cost £125,000 and the full text can be viewed here, but Londonist was particularly struck by his use of the word "yobbery" which we're pretty sure doesn't exist but we're going to start using it immediately, it's our own small way of helping London’s war on crime.

But of course not one single issue in the entire of our fair city is truly resolved until Ken has weighed in:

"The public are alienated [by the criticism because they see] this distinguished police officer, who has given his life to policing and laid his life on the line day after day, [be] slagged off by politicians whose only effort is to get off their armchairs and get to the next dividend payout,"

Last Updated 09 February 2005