Londonist Goes Photo-mad

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Londonist Goes Photo-mad

Londonist had a jaunt around Piccadilly and the Strand chasing the perfect photos for The Way We See It today, which was fun and frustrating all at the same time. Fun, because of the concept of the site (everyone has their own take on how to photograph a location) and frustrating because on a Sunday the locations were a bit barren and not inherently interesting to photograph (as you can see).

You might notice that the last link is to the photo sharing site Flickr. We happen to think Flickr is the best thing since sliced bread here, so someone had the bright and potentially dodgy idea of creating a Flickr group as a catchall for Londonist-type photos that you might have kicking around. "Londonist-type", is, of course, left up to you, dear reader, to interpret.

All you have to do to contribute to the group is log in to your Flickr account (or create a new one), and join the Londonist group ( Once you've joined, just upload your fine photographic slices of life in the Big Smoke and add them to the Londonist group. Fame, fortune, and offers of casual sex are bound to follow.

Last Updated 21 February 2005