Ken On Oxford Street

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Ken On Oxford Street

Taking time out of his busy schedule of alienating Evening Standard Journalists and the Jewish, Ken Livingstone has turned his attention to Oxford Street complaining that the pavements are impossible to walk along without getting buffeted and that there's too many buses.

Startling stuff from the Mayor.

Londonist is guessing someone popped into HMV to pick up a Bob Dylan Box Set, had a hard time making it back across the pavement to the Mayoral car and then got stuck behind a bus for half an hour.

"One of my priorities in my second term is to determine what is going wrong at Oxford Street," proclaimed Ken, adding "there has been no imagination at Westminster council on the Oxford Street issue" making sure that he keeps his 100% record of offending someone every time he opens his mouth.

Londonist agrees with last years Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Simon Hughes, pedestrianise and to hell with the consequences.

Last Updated 11 February 2005

Grammar Police

You've a fine and largely well-written site. But "there's too many buses" - come on, it's "there are". In the west of Ireland it may be grammatically OK if numerically inaccurate to say "sure there is too many buses", but you is the metropolitan elite, isn't you?

And what about "last years Lib Dem Mayoral" - time for an apostrophe, geezer!


Agree with the post; just one correction: there is no mayoral limo


He is a Kiwi, you have too expect these things.