Guess Who Came To Dinner

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Guess Who Came To Dinner

joancollins.jpgToday a list of the Prime Ministers dinner guests was released after Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb requested it under the Freedom of Information Act, as part of his "campaign to secure greater openness in government".

Yeah, right. Not an opportunity to make Tony Blair look like a Heat magazine reading celebrity obsessive, and when you read the list it's hard not to see it like that.

It's a mixture of talk show hosts, comedians, theatre and television types, successful business people, musicians and Mick Hucknall.

One of the great middle class questions has always been "What's your ideal dinner party?" and Tony Blair is in the position to actually create this at the Prime Ministers official country estate Chequers.

It does however appear much more difficult to get it just right than you would originally assume, and must take some experimentation, otherwise how on earth do you explain the presence of Joan Collins on the list?

Last Updated 09 February 2005