Getting To Grips With Gum

By london_euan Last edited 170 months ago
Getting To Grips With Gum

gumshoe.jpgAs far as the Liberal Democrats are concerned, no political issue is too small, as the release of their snappily titled report Getting To Grips With Gum amply demonstrates.

The London Assembly Lib Dems are rightly concerned that councils and transport organisations are forced into spending up to £4 million to clean up this annoying and sticky eyesore and they want a levy introduced to manufacturers that will go towards this cost.

Other ideas are cigarette pack inspired, bigger labels, and a publicity campaign to highlight the damage it causes, hopefully with Kenneth Branagh playing a man unable to make it home for tea as he's stuck to the Ealing Broadway tube platform.

Other methods have been tried recently, including sticking the unwanted gum to pictures of celebrity faces, but until they get around to using actual celebrity faces we can't see it working.

Last Updated 11 February 2005