Gallery Pick Of The Week

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Gallery Pick Of The Week

car.jpgIn Londonist’s ever-growing effort to bring more art and culture to our readers (because we know how hard it is to really know about all of the art in London) – this week we bring you the first of many instalments of our “Pick of the Week” art and culture series. We do not consider ourselves art experts, nor do we hold season tickets to the Royal Opera House, but we do like to get out occasionally and encourage you to do the same.

This week we recommend The Blue Gallery . Wednesday marks the opening of Robert Davies’ one exhibition. Davies is a graduate of the Royal College of Arts The inspiration for this work was Davies’s time with the elite British-based Formula 1 team, BAR. Davies described, “In spending time with the team, it soon became clear to me that Formula 1 was in essence about the detail. Every employee, whether designer, driver or mechanic, was working to make miniscule improvements to the car to maximise its speed. Their unwavering attention to the minutiae was astonishing and for this reason I made the decision to concentrate only on the details.

Basically, Davies' exhibition consists of up-close photographs of the many components that comprise BAR’s Formula 1 car. Londonist is excited at the prospect of playing the, “What part of the car do you think this is?” game, and we suggest you give it a try as well. To refresh your knowledge of some basic Formula 1 vocabulary, we suggest you glimpse over the Formula 1 glossary of terms. A few of our favourites include: the reconnaissance lap, ‘splash and dash,’ and chicane. You will certainly impress the other art patrons if you can accurately put such terms to good use while intently studying Davies’ photographs. The exhibit is on until March 5 (the day before the Australian Grand Prix) and is open to the public beginning February 9. The Blue Gallery is located The Blue Gallery at 15 Great Sutton Street London EC1V 0BX.

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