Don't Leave Jose Without It

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Don't Leave Jose Without It

amex.jpgThere are many types of love, a man's love for a fine wine, or the love shared by a young couple just beginning a romance, but today we are concerned with the love that dare not speak its name, a website's love for a local football manager.

A breath of fresh air, a shot in the arm for English football, Jose Mourinho has been called all these things and more, but now it looks like we can add "Media Superstar" to this growing list of accolades as American Express have chosen him to be the latest face to feature in their advertisements.

It seems they've figured out what Londonist already knew, Jose was born for TV. Whether it's shaking hands with bemused Manchester United players or pensively sitting in the stands on his own well before kick-off, it's apparent that the cameras love him, and we suspect that the feeling is mutual.

Mourinho is due to get £750,000 for the Amex spot filmed at Stamford Bridge and it "will play on his reputation for being a surly manager who does not show emotion on the pitch", although we distinctly remember him running down the length of the sideline gesticulating wildly when Porto scored once.

If the commercial actually had him using his credit card to purchase a certain North London based left-back and maybe a couple of pieces of silverware then even we would consider getting one.

Last Updated 17 February 2005