Capita Coining It In

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Capita Coining It In

London's congestion charge is somewhat of a contentious issue but if Ken Livingstone was to be accidentally run over and killed when out for a stroll in the Stamford Hill area you could probably say it would be considered his legacy to the capital.

The other people inextricably linked with the rapidly expanding zone of extortion, or fine example of progressive city administration depending on how you look at it, are Capita, the company charged with administering the heady amount of payments and fines it generates.

They didn't exactly have an easy ride when it was first rolled out as they incorrectly charged people, failed to process payments and probably spent too long checking their hotmail when they should have been doing proper work.

Things however have been steadily improving for "The UK's leading support services company" as they announced "reported profits before tax of £148.2 million last year, compared with £121.2 million a year earlier", which is no small beer.

This is before any increased revenue they would see from extending the zone into Kensington and Chelsea, which is also attracting its fair share of controversy.

So well done them.

Last Updated 24 February 2005