Back The Buffet

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Back The Buffet


It must be great to be on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission, travelling around the world having entire cities queuing up to kiss your arse, you'd probably never see a homeless person the entire time, not to mention the kind of buffets on offer.

Think of the buffets.

Anyway, all snacking aside, it's London’s turn to put on it's best fake smile, and collectively take one for the team as the IOC are visiting February 16th to the 20th.

The Back The Bid folks, no doubt all fired up after they reached the 500,000 supporter mark, will be out in force the week prior to the visit drumming up support and probably trying to get most of the local transient population to visit Birmingham, "No really, they have the most habitable doorways per capita of any city, you should go check it out."

They're also on the lookout for any "Ambush Advertising", which is where companies that are not official sponsors try to align themselves with the bid through clever marketing.

We can see it now:

Your city will be in debt for the next 40 years paying off something most of the residents didn't want, why not try a Pepsi?"

Last Updated 08 February 2005