Tsunami Benefit Events

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Tsunami Benefit Events

While we have been truly amazed at some of the stories of selflessness exhibited by our fellow man in the wake of the Asian tsunami, and joined in the collective orgy of self-congratulatory alms-giving early on in the charity appeal, we must admit that lately our contribution has been reduced to the odd desultory shrapnel chucked into the white bucket at our local.

Hell, even the DEC says it's winding down operations.

But we all know that the rebuilding phase is going to be the expensive part, which is why it's so nice to see that so many people are trying to make sure that us Tom Dick & Harrys don't forget to keep forking over. Just last night we were at a charity fundraiser in a Fulham pub in which our faith in the Tarquins and Pippas of the world was restored by their truly gargantuan bids for posh prizes in the charity auction. Bless.

Let's face it though, the most fun is to be had at charity gigs, and of course the big story on that front is the Cardiff extravaganza on Saturday; but as A) it's in Cardiff and B) it's headlined by the Manics, we're just going to gloss over that one and stay a bit more local.

If you're at a loose end tonight, you could do worse check out the

Shareditch gig at the T bar on Shoreditch High St tonight - and we're not just saying that because we're friends with the owners. It sounds like they've got a proper lineup going, with members of the Dub Pistols (pictured), some MCs and some Latin drums thrown in for good measure.

If that's too far North East for you, there is also a party being thrown at the Brixton Bar Lorca which looks promising.

Looking a little further afield, the Astoria are throwing a Save the Children appeal for tsunami orphans on Feb 1st (indie acts) and Feb 2nd (dance) with lineup still to be announced, though knowing that it's a Mean Fiddler gig means they have a good talent pool to draw from.

And even further down the line, there's going to be a massive clubland effort called Club Together launching next Thursday the 27th, with most of the events taking place two weeks later on Thursday February 10th all over London at venues like Turnmills, Cargo, Neighbourhood, and Herbal, with acts like Gilles Peterson, Basement Jaxx, Grooverider, and, in a huge clubland coup, international superstars The Cuban Brothers.

Remember, if you're going to be in the front row at that one, wear


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