Son Of Thatcher Returns

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Son Of Thatcher Returns


Failed military coup enthusiast Mark Thatcher is back in London after being fined £265,000, and has run back into the scaly arms of his mother Baroness Thatcher.

Mark was intending to head home to his wife and kids in the U.S. but ran into a problem due to the fact that his visa had run out.

Yes, that's right, he was busy financing helicopters for ex-SAS officer friends and failed to think "I'm just popping half way around the world to see about destabilising the government of Equatorial Guinea, I wonder if my passport is up to date?"

The whole thing just smacks of Public schoolboy hi-jinks after one too many jugs of Pimms.

Perhaps in the future Mark should just stay away from the entire African continent seeing as his previous experiences there include getting lost in the Sahara for six days during the Paris to Dakar rally.

Still, at least he gets to see his mum.

Last Updated 18 January 2005