Social Services

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Last Updated 31 January 2005

Social Services

It's not just anyone that can turn an eccentricity into a possible career but Dr Roger Green has managed to parlay his penchant for hanging around M25 motorway service stations into an honest to god book.

Inspired after a visit to South Mimms services on the M25, Dr Green, a Social Researcher, revisited 500 times over 18 months, documenting anecdotes and observations from the people that visit and work there.

But it's more than that.

Apparently "The whole place is a reflection of 21st century Britain. It seems as though these places are a reflection of 20-odd years of Thatcherism where communities no longer exist so people have to go elsewhere to meet people."

That's a shame, we were hoping it would just be amusing stories about weirdo’s who eat 3 meals a day in a Little Chef and the occasional Stan Collymore sighting in the car park.