Rubbish Heist At British Museum

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Last Updated 27 January 2005

Rubbish Heist At British Museum

Did anyone else hear of the "almost" theft yesterday at the British Museum?

It appears that a security guard tackled a man he caught trying to lift the top off a case of small artifacts from the Roman and Greek area of the museum. The Times reported that the man was using pliers to remove the lid.

Londonist has one word: "boring."

Although we understand the gravity of such a heist had it actually been successfully executed, we also quietly wish that the mishap had resembled something a bit more similar to The Thomas Crown

Affair(circa 1999 with Pierce Brosnan). There needed to be elaborate costumes which referenced famous pieces of artwork, escape routes, a scantily clad detective (because this always happens in

reality) etc.

The man apprehended in the instance of the British Museum had none of these things. In addition to catching the thief, the British Museum was sealed for a period of time afterwards so many visitors and tourists were trapped inside. The reason: to catch any would-be associates of the "plier

man," As if a man who was using pliers in broad daylight to steal Roman and Greek artifacts would have the wherewithal to have a "team". But perhaps we're is being too harsh just because we think we could have planned a better heist based on our memory of films.

Londonist would also like to hear any stories of people who were trapped inside, so if any of our readers happened to fall into that particular group – please post a comment with a play by play of the events.