Plucky Underdog Loses, Livelihoods Destroyed

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Plucky Underdog Loses, Livelihoods Destroyed

Professional whiner and sometime Arsenal football manager, Arsene Wenger, had cause to actually smile today (and not one of those wry smiles he does when he implies that another team cheated with what he probably thinks is some kind of Gallic charm, but an actual smile) as Arsenal steamrolled over local businesses in their bid for New Stadium Greatness.

To recap, Arsenal plan to buy some ground to put a shiny new stadium on, so they can get bigger gate receipts, buy better players, win more stuff, and then make even more money. This is what's called a business plan.

But local businesses who faced a compulsory purchase order decided they weren’t having it, and appealed, and lost.

Much like plucky Stoke in the FA cup, they came out with their game face on, but were eventually worn down by a better organised fitter side, only this time the unlikely provider of the winning shot wasn't Van Persie but a slightly larger and not as athletic Deputy PM John Prescott (he did punch that guy once though).

Prescott decided that the plans would significantly aid the regeneration of the area as well as providing numerous jobs in the fields of ticket touting, knock-off shirt selling, and the peddling of something that may or may not be meat in a bun.

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