Pep Up With The Pipettes

By london_ken Last edited 168 months ago
Pep Up With The Pipettes

You've probably already broken your new year's resolutions and feeling pretty crappy about yourself, so before you descend into a slough of despondency and decide that your sofa is comfy enough for you to stay in all year, get yourself down to the Buffalo Bar (on Upper Street) this Saturday to see The Pipettes.

The polka dot princesses are due on at around 10.45pm and play as part of The Guided Missile night, and also playing are a plethora of interestingly-named acts: The Art Goblins, El Hombre Trajeado (pictured above), Cash Machine and Spinmaster Plantpot.

Doors are 8pm, the club night goes on until 2am, and will cost you a measly £5. Go on, shake off those Back At Work Blues.

Last Updated 05 January 2005