London's Favourite Filling

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Last Updated 27 January 2005

London's Favourite Filling


Every now and then on a very special day, a survey comes along that not only answers a question that you didn't know you cared about, but then makes you wonder how you lived this long without that knowledge.

Today is such a day, because thanks to London sandwich firm Daily Bread we now know that Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato is London's favourite sandwich filling.

Egg and Cress, Tuna and Mayonnaise, and Prawn and Mayonnaise also featured prominently in the survey, although not in the same sandwich, this is probably due to the sandwich derived observation that "We are more open to foreign trends, but at the same time we remain pretty conservative".

So there you go, one of the big questions answered, we can only hope that someone gets around to surveying Londoners favourite Kebab Shop font soon (for the record Londonist votes for something in the Futura range).