London Flood Threat

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London Flood Threat


It's no understatement to say that weather has been featuring prominently in the news lately, and as with most natural disasters you sympathise with the victims, are in awe of the power of nature in general, and then the "what if that happened where I live" factor kicks in.

Well Londoners can rest easy if proposed plans for a bigger better Thames Barrier go through.

Recommended by leading climate change experts, (we're assuming just owning The Day After Tomorrow on DVD doesn't make you an expert) the 10 mile barrier would be the "biggest engineering project undertaken in Britain."

The existing Thames Barrier apparently won't be able to cut it by 2030 and central London could be 6 feet deep in water if predicted levels occur.

Luckily pretty much any future possibilities the world may face have already been explored by cheesy sci-fi films starring Rutger Hauer (is he our generations Jules Verne?) and as long as we have cops the calibre of Hauer's Harley Stone on the streets, the Londonist feels we'll be ok no matter how high the water gets, or what creatures may lurk within it.

Last Updated 10 January 2005