Knees Go Trembly At First Sight Of Wembley

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Knees Go Trembly At First Sight Of Wembley

40 lucky people got to see a building site today. Not just any old building site though. It was that magical (for football fans) place called Wembley Stadium.

The £757m stadium is almost two-thirds complete with just another year of work left (making the possibly rash assumption that there are no delays).

Thinking about the shiny new stadium, it somehow strikes us that it's almost like building something on top of an ancient burial ground, with all those special memories and occasions. But we're sure we'll overcome those irrational feelings should they sort out the bottlenecks so that it's possible to get out of the stadium at the end of a match in less than an hour.

Clearly Ian Todd, president of the Football Supporters' Federation agrees, as this quote from the BBC report shows: "What we are interested in is what the prices will be, and how easy it will be to get here and get away from the ground." Football fans, you have to love them us. Forget the spectacle taking place in the stadium, just tell us how quickly we can leave!

Last Updated 07 January 2005