Jerry Springer The Tube Driver

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Jerry Springer The Tube Driver
Illustration by Russell Becker from One Stop Short of Barking

Apologies for posting out of my normal TV category but it's simply too good not to post. We all know the huge kerfuffle that's been going on about Jerry Springer the Opera (reported by me in Londonist and recently updated by Rob). Well someone has had the bright idea (I am sure off the back of this) to re-write The Jam's classic Going Underground and make it about our wonderful London Underground Tube drivers and the Tube in general.

I've counted the profanities in this song and there are 16 (count them) 16 outrageous swearwords in this short download. I think we should all burn our Oystercards in protest or as the song ends:

Take your Oystercard and shove it up your arsehole!

Orignally reported in the London Underground Tube Diary and I'm sure it will be coming to an in-box near you, if you've friends like mine you'll get it several times.

Last Updated 12 January 2005