Interview: Warrick Brownlow, AKA Fraggle Boy

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Interview: Warrick Brownlow, AKA Fraggle Boy

You might have read in the press today about a young man named Warrick Brownlow who has spent the past two years fighting an epic battle against 'the man' in the name of peace, love...and puppets.

Basically Warrick has been campaigning to get the Jim Henson "empire" to release The Fraggles on DVD via an online petition on his website . And, thanks to 33,000 signatures, the fight has been won: the first batch of episodes from the series should be available on DVD in the UK later this year

We at Londonist wanted to find out what makes a man like Warrick tick so we contacted him for a brief interview.

Name: Warrick Brownlow.

Age: 19.

Location: East London.

Occupation: Puppeteer.

Can you give us some background to your campaign:

We started the campaign on April 22nd 2002. We were seeing lots of vintage children's programming coming out on DVD... But not the one that's the best and taught kids what they needed to be taught.

Why and how did it all start?

It basically all started because the lack of Fraggle material around. On eBay the VHS (with one or two episodes) can sell for crazy amounts of money! The Fraggles are something that needs to be widely distributed so everyone gets to see how cool it really is! So I made that my quest.

How did you go about collecting the names for your petition?

I just posted about it wherever I thought that people would listen, DVD Sites, Children's TV Sites, Lots of places!

When did you find out you had 'won' your battle to get the Fraggles released on DVD?

Well, when the people at Newsweek told me that they had been in contact with HIT Entertainment and Hensons and that they said it was down to the fans. But our 'battle' isn't over, We want them to release Fraggle Rock in SEASON BOXSETS! There are only Five seasons... So it really wouldn't be hard.

Why the Fraggles - what is it about them that attracts you?

I think its the fantastic characters, and the world they live in. In their world its all about peace, understanding and playing.

Who was your favourite Fraggle?

Boober. Gobo... Ok Wembley... Hhmm...

Did you fancy Red...come on, admit it you did!

Who didn't?!

Didn't the trash heap used to scare you as a kid? It did us.

No Way! I TOTALLY love the way she sings the songs and is so... uhm... "wise".

What's your take on the Doozers?

They just work all day... Boring for some, But they love it.

Did Travelling Matt ever come to London?

Lots of times. He once got caught up in the crowds at an Arsenal VS Tottenham football match! He was cheering for the wrong team whilst being on the wrong side of the stadium too.

What do your parents make of all your campaigning?

You mean apart from thinking I'm crazy?

Any plans to revive any more TV programmes?

Not right now. But Henson does have a large catalogue of quality children's programming. Something that's not really around anymore.

In a fight between the Wombles of Wimbledon and the Fraggles who would win and why?

The Fraggles dont fight. Its all about peace!

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