House of Usher

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House of Usher


Diminutive R'n'B ubermensch Usher rocked London to it's very core last night with a lavish £10,000 party at his hotel to launch the short movie "Rhythm City: Volume 1: Money, Power, Respect" (which is apparently his Citizen Kane).

He kicked off at the Rex Bar and Cinema (the websites worth the visit just for the Pearl and Dean opening alone) which the Londonist must admit to having being intrigued with the idea of (the cinema, not the partying a with disposable pop icon), however we settled for The Electric for cut above filmic surroundings and the always good value UGC cinema Card to quell our budget conscious critic.

He and plenty of the English women he loves, retired to his hotel where they were treated to burgers and Crystal, and also "enjoyed £15,000 of designer vodka donated by record boss Damon Dash", after which we would imagine they danced till the break of dawn.

There are a lot of question this throws up, most of which could probably be answered by studying MTV Cribs more closely but our main query is how the hell do you design vodka to make it worth £15.000?

Is it served in Faberge Eggs laid out on a severed Giant Panda claw, chilled by ice from one of Saturns rings?

No it bloody isn't and if some knock-off Russian vodka distilled in nowhere more exotic than Croyden is good enough for the Londonist then it's good enough for some poor Marvin Gaye imitation.

Bloody young people.

Last Updated 26 January 2005