Happy Birthday Holmes

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Happy Birthday Holmes

Today is the 'birthday' of London's most famous, fictitious detective and the most celebrated resident of Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes.

The New York Sun seems to be the only paper celebrating the anniversary with this article on the Baker Street Irregulars (the contemporary society not the fictitious gang).

But there are of course a number of things you can personally do if you feel like celebrating the great detective.

Your first stop should be the website for the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. They have quite a comprehensive online presence with some interesting articles and complete listing of Sherlockian TV, film and radio appearances.

And then of course there's always the Sherlock Holmes Museum located at 221B Baker Street, which has a recreation of Sherlock's study and a collection of his "personal belongings and private papers".

There's another 'Sherlock study' upstairs at the Sherlock Holmes pub just off Trafalgar Square. You might have to fight off the tourists to get a seat, but there's always a selection of decent ales to keep the hardened drinkers happy.

And for a spot of DIY Holmes-spotting you can always buy Sherlock Holmes' London: Following the Footsteps of London's Master Detective with which you can apparently "Join Holmes as he takes in an evening of Wagner at Covent Garden Theatre. Stand in the very room at St. Bartholomew's Hospital where Dr. Watson first meets the great detective in A Study in Scarlet, and travel down the fogshrouded Thames in pursuit of Jonathan Small from The Sign of Four."

Of course the real Sherlock story of 2004 was the murder of Richard Lancelyn Green, "the world’s leading Sherlock Holmes scholar" at his home in London. Last month's New Yorker magazine carried a great (and very long) article on the investigation into the killing, but unfortunately it's not online. What is online though is this interview with David Grann (who wrote the article) on what exactly drew him to the case.

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